Zelig's To  Go

Want to enjoy Zelig's excellent food outside the restaurant? Zelig's takeout menu offers a variety   of travel packages - lunch boxes, fruit and vegetable packages, and sandwiches In a wide range of sizes and flavors


For a day trip, a flight and even for offices and businesses, Zelig's Place offers a quality solution to the kosher consumers in Krakow with a wide range of indulgent and delicious sandwiches 

(meat, pareve, and vegetarian)

* Hotel delivery available

Sample Packages:


2 rolls with vegetables Includes pastrami / schnitzels of choice + plus a personal water bottle

Fleishigs Sandwich


2 rolls with tuna salad / smoked salmon and fresh vegetables + plus a personal wa

Fish Sandwich Box


2 rolls with omelets and fresh vegetables + plus a personal water bottle

Egg Sandwich Box

*To adjust sandwiches to your liking, please contact our team to find the most delicious option for you.